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About us

This is a place to relax and to take care of your beauty. 

You will  feel like a new person. We will show you how to enhance your beauty and how to bring the best from your skin.

Our place is very cozy, clean and friendly, all you need to feel good and enjoy your time with us. 

We are always improving to offer you the best . 

Here, we care about your beauty and also your soul, mind and well being.

 Welcome ! 


Our Services 

We offer Facials, Microblading, waxing, microdermabrasion, Hydra facial, Micro needling, Acne Light Therapy, eyebrow design etc.

For our spa services we use Meriance, a newly launched signature skin care line. 

Meriance is a high-quality, effective natural skin care line based on 100% pure ingredients that provide the skin with what it needs to thrive optimally. 

 We believe in individuality and we understand everyone has different needs, lifestyles and desires. 




We bring techniques learned over 15 years of experience.

Our Facials consist of special hand techniques, massages and high-quality products used during the treatments which can really make a difference. 

 You will notice the changes right away. Also, we will give you the best advice to keep your skin always glowing and healthy.

 For Microblading, we use first grade products recognized internationally.

We want you to have a great design and provide you with on-going support from a knowledgeble technician..

Skin varies from person to person so you need somebody that will guide you during and after the procedure.

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